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Services on offer

Car servicing, M.O.T’s. Petrol and diesel. Servicing new cars using original equipment to manufacturer’s specification to ensure there is never any problems arising with warranty claims.

Specialising in timing belts

Timing belts are one of the most important parts of a modern engine. A simple job of keeping the bottom of the engine from hitting the top of the engine. It’s all in the timing.

For around 10% of the damage that is caused to your engine when timing belts fail, snap or break, you can have yours replaced. Most cars over 5 years old or 60,000 miles require cam belt replacement.

Other Services on Offer

Alternator’s, starter motors, auto-electronics, Diagnostics, airbags, engine management lights, A.B.S. Cam belts, fan belts.

Steering, suspension, shock-absorbers, wheel-alignment (with the latest laser line, tracking equipment), wheel-bearings, brakes, clutches, steering racks, ball-joints, track-rod ends, steering-rod ends, hand-break cables, exhausts, tires, batteries, lighting.